3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Custom Corset Supplier

There's no garment on earth as sexy or as powerful as a corset. But that also means that when you choose a corset, you want it to be exactly what you imagined it to be—and that can be hard to find. More women are looking for custom corsets from corset shops that can bring their own personal tastes to life. So what should you look for in a custom corset supplier? Here are three good signs to watch for:

• A huge selection of different styles.
This is probably the biggest thing to look for in any corset shop, whether looking for custom corsets or not. The types and styles of corsets out there are limitless, but some corset shops' selection doesn't seem to reflect that. And obviously, if you're asking for a custom corset you want to work with a place that already has a broad selection to start from---there's no point in asking for a custom piece if there's only one style they can provide. So look for well stocked corset outlets that have everything from brocaded classic corsets to white lace lingerie pieces to the toughest of black leather. This is the kind of corset maker who is going to be able to bring your vision to life no matter what it is.

• Awareness of different aesthetics.
This is similar but very different. People wear corsets for different reasons, and with different aesthetics in mind. For example, the Steampunk aesthetic is really big right now and has made its way out of a tiny subculture into mainstream consciousness. Obviously, that aesthetic brings with it a very different take on corsets from, say, a lingerie shop even if both are drawing on the same Victorian themes. The best custom corsets will be made by craftsmen who understand the different aesthetics and cultures surrounding corsets including Steampunk, Gothic, and even high fashion. They'll be able to design around not just your tastes but also the aesthetic that inspires you.

• Quality materials and craftsmanship.
Here is something you cannot afford to overlook! A corset faces two big challenges in a woman's closet: it's likely to be treasured for many years, and it's designed to be close fitting and shape the body. That means a poorly made corset will not stand up to its intended purpose and will wear out long before its time. Focus on corsets made with quality materials, most importantly with real steel bones—accept no substitutes.

What qualities do you look for in a custom corset supplier?